issue #7 ‘Happiness’ is out now!

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Hi everyone,

Issue #7 ‘Happiness’ is available for you to download now.

There is much not to feel happy about this week, or any week really these days, as our world continues on its bumpy, tumultuous journey to becoming the world many of us are working so hard for.  This week there was another terrorist attack in Paris.  Frightening and very, very sad.  All our love and good wishes go out to everyone affected.

Perhaps here, I could introduce you to Eyoälha Baker.  Her story is one of ‘a phoenix rising out of the ashes’.  As we were all greatly affected by the events of 9/11, so was Eyoälha.  She became aware of how repeats of images of the attack and the resulting sorrow of that day affected her emotionally and she became inspired to embark on a project that is all about exposing images of happiness to the world.  Her story is on Page 8.

Ginger Spark made it her mission to find how she could be happy once again after becoming very ill and feeling deeply dissatisfied with her life.  Her story is on page 25.  Ginger is needing to get some feedback about one of her online courses and is offering it for FREE to soulsisterwisdom readers.

And Sophia Quzi’s ‘Finding Happiness in Ordinary Moments’ on page 30 is a reminder to us all – with some lovely sharings of her own experience.

And of course, there is so much more……Take care, be safe and Enjoy!

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