8 things happy people do!

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Dear soulsisters,

Apparently, happy individuals tend to actually enjoy their mornings. They appear to thrive on waking up with the sun and look forward to a new day or possibilities. These happy people have humble morning rituals that increase their own sense of well-being and give their day purpose.

Read more about their rituals here.  You’ll feel happy just reading about them!


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Editors Note : this is a guest post by Linda Cooper


Throughout my life different things have had an influence on me – here are a couple of Illusions that drifted in out of my life, but …   not any more…..


Illusion number one …

You have to be physically beautiful to be loved…

“If you want to be happy for the rest of your life – you have to make a pretty woman your wife”…..

“Stay young and beautiful if you want to be loved”…

These songlines are from catchy tunes that I sang along with not realising the impact they had on me …

Now I realise that beauty does really come from within the self and not from being physically beautiful.

Of course there were many more songlines …..

What are your songlines that you now realise are an illusion in your life?


Illusion number two …

Women will support women

This was an expectation and a belief that I had when I started to become interested in women’s issues and my desire to help women gain inner strength.

A realisation for me that; not all women want to be liberated from some roles that ‘ I’ believe are degrading. All of us are different and independent.

Recognising these illusions in my life gave me freedom – that is; not to be frustrated by my expectations of wanting to receive wholehearted support from other women ….. and, feelings of hopelessness.

It also helped me to allow other women to be who they are, and for me not to criticise.  And best of all, the freedom to be me as I am and want to be.

Life is full of Illusions – what are the Illusions in your life?


Linda PhotoLinda Cooper grew up in England and immigrated to Australia in the sixties with her Mum, Dad and siblings. Moving to live in Adelaide in South Australia into a new suburb, surrounded by gum trees, vineyards, magpies that swooped at you, snakes in the garden, trapdoor and red back spiders and possums that got under your bed and made scary noises, was a big change from the beauty of the area where she had lived in England. It took time, and now Linda loves Australia and lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland where she co-ordinates the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre.  Linda is also a mother of two sons and a grandmother. You can find her at …..
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how to rewrite your life story

rewrite your life story

Dear soulsister,

Here is a wonderful piece from Tris Thorp, a lead Master Educator at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing…..

“Everyone has a story. Your story consists of various chapters that span the course of your lifetime. Those chapters run the gamut from happy to sad, traumatic to transformational, and everything in between. Your stories are what make up who you think you are and it’s what determines how you show up in this world.

Telling your story is something you do every day. You continually tell yourself the story in your own mind and other times you tell the story to others. Every conversation you have is, in some way, a reflection of a past experience. Your internal dialogue is infused with memories of things that happened before, and you’re either moving toward or away from recreating another version of that experience with nearly every thought you have, every word you say, and every action you take…..”

Click here to see more.


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