issue #2 soulsisterwisdom magazine is out now!

Dear soulsisters,

I’m pleased to let you know that Issue 2 of soulsisterwisdom magazine is now available.  There are over 80 pages of beauty! Twenty two women have contributed to this issue and in it you will find….


Beautiful artwork by …..

Stacey-Ann Cole…… creator of our beautiful cover plus two other powerful images of African American/Afro Caribbean women

Lori Siebert,….. her beautiful images grace many of the pages


Inspirational interviews with …..

Lucinda Drayton ….. UK based singer/songwriter, counsellor and promoter of meditation and self improvement

Robin Rice ….. internationally published author, teacher of psyche and soul, social change artist, and mentor to world-level leaders.


Empowering poems by …..

Stacey-Ann Cole …..Woman

Brandi Douglas …..Here Lies Beauty

Carolyn Minter …..My Beautiful Mind

Annemarie De Seriere …..What is Beauty?


Articles, stories and sharings of experiences and wisdom from …..

Linda Cooper ….. An Inner Longing for Beauty ….. Linda’s story shows us we are all beautiful

Sherri Welser ….. Heaven on Earth : Beauty in our Hands ….. be inspired by Sherri’s artistic garden creations

Atara Schimmel ….. Thirty Million Angels …… An inspiration and an Angel! – Atara’s angel paintings are beautiful!

Aruna Ladva ….. Dying to be Thin …..Aruna highlights the costs of pursuing ideal concepts of beauty

Jill Shanti ….. A Circle of Women …..Stories of women who have lived with domestic violence

Luciana Ferraz ….. Self Respect : The Seed of Beauty …..reminds us that having self respect is the first step towards feeling good about ourselves and feeling successful in our lives

Alana Stone ….. Loving the Skin I’m In ….. Alana’s sharing about coming to terms with her body

Tomer Rosen Grace ….. Seeking Beauty ….. a truly inspirational story of Tomer’s challenges in life culminating in her courageously using her abilities to create beauty through her art, writings and music which she offers to the world

Kenetha J. Stanton …..The Beauty of Our Scars ….. Inspired by the art of kintsugi, Kenetha likens this art with the process of healing

Claire Mingus …..Beauty Beyond ….. Claire tells the story of the journey of a family through the short life of their son

Su Chee ….When I Feel Most Beautiful ….. Su Chee shares with us her observations of the ‘traits of beauty’

Sigrun Olsen …..The Beauty of Knowing the Self ….. Facing stage 4b cancer caused Sigrun to re-evaluate every aspect of her life which led her back to her real self

Suma Pillai …..The Essence of Beauty ….. Suma shares her thoughts on the essence of beauty

Miranda Powell …..Reflection of Your Beauty ….. Miranda shares some tips on how to recognise our unique beauty

Pulsatilla …..Pave Your Own Path ….. Being faced with so many opinions on life, Pulsatilla decided to pave her own path

Lori Siebert …..Is Beauty in the Mirror, Mirror? ….. Lori reminds us of what real beauty is


You will love this Issue.

much love,

Rebecca Signature