pushing through the fear


Hi there soulsister!

This morning I was having one of those ‘full-of-fear’ moments, feeling overwhelmed by everything I need to do and by everything I don’t know how to do.  I managed to push through it by adopting a determined and focused attitude, talking to myself about it, talking to God about it, and getting on with things.

One of the thoughts I was having was “when do you know when to just quit?”  The answer I’ve come up with so far is when it is just too painful.  But how do you measure that?  How do you know that?  It seems many things are painful, but then we are encouraged and we encourage each other…..”just keep going”.  The pain, the hurt, the sadness and the fear are broken through and we are the stronger and the wiser for working through it.

So, I thought I’d post about this today.  Then as I was checking through my social media platforms I came across two significant posts.  The first one was this wording in a tweet by Marie Forleo @marieforleo via @disneystyle ….

Sometimes the right path

Yay!  Serendepity & Synchronicity visiting again 🙂

And the second post was a tweet by Delece Ford @storytelling4u via @coachbarrie about fear!

Barrie has listed 7 ways to get unstuck and take action if you are experiencing fear…..I have listed the 7 ways, but you might want to click on the link (in italics above) to see how she expands on each point – its good!  She says…..

“If you have a fear of failure that holds you back, here are 7 ways to get unstuck and take action:

1.  Recognise that fear is just a feeling.

2.  Assess the risk that fear spotlights.

3.  Take small, manageable actions.

4.  Expect fear to spike at big hurdles.

5.  Reframe your perception of success and failure.

6.  Surround yourself with positivity.

7.  Challenge your thoughts.”

I particularly liked no. 4.  Which one/s do you like?

I hope you find this as helpful as I did.

With much love,

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morals of the story : swans and storks

morals - Swans & Storks

Dear soulsister,

Where did you find yourself on the spectrum of Swans and Storks in the two-part story in the last posts?

Some thoughts on the morals of the story……


—I have a lovely picture on my wall that says “When choosing friends, one should be wise.”

The idea “The company I keep colours me” is a fundamental aspect or law of life. Therefore, it’s important that I acknowledge, understand and make it one of my main guiding principles.

—I need to be clear about who and what I want to be. Then I need to find others I can spend my time with who live and behave as I want to, and who exude the qualities of the type of person I want to be. There are many types of people. To simplify the task of who and what I want to be, its helpful to imagine or draw a spectrum of behaviour. The question I need to ask myself is “where do I want to sit on the spectrum?”

—The next question I need to ask is HOW do I become that person? What are the qualities, aspects, requirements, talents, skills, traits etc, that I need to be this type of person? I can break this question down by asking :

a)     What qualities, aspects, requirements, etc do I already have?

b)     Which ones do I need to become better in?

—c)     Which ones do I need to learn?


Never let go of your feelings of self-worth.  We live in a world where, if we let it, we can be constantly bombarded by messages by way of media, consumerism, family and friends, our education systems, political systems and also religious and spiritual systems, that we are not good enough or not doing things as they should be done!  (as I am writing this paintings of Hell that I have seen during my lifetime are coming to my mind – where human beings are literally tearing each other down!)  Lets move on!

So, amidst all of this, it’s important that we protect ourselves with thoughts and feelings of love and care for ourselves.  Presently I am reflecting on this quote by Lucille Ball, “Love yourself first and everything falls into line.  You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

If we don’t love ourselves and remind ourselves of our inner beauty, uniqueness and greatness, we just don’t have the strength to do anything.  Positive thoughts and feelings, that affirm self-love and self-respect generate enthusiasm and motivation and get us doing the creating and constructing of our lives in the way WE want.

Its important to find ways that help you to keep your self-respect.


When we concentrate on the qualities, specialities, talents and skills of another we help and encourage them to display these.  If we concentrate on their weaknesses and shortcomings, we encourage them to display these.  The energy we send out through our eyes, in our words and in our actions ‘draws out’ similar energy from the one we are concentrating on.

It is common knowledge how important it is to affirm talents and good behaviour in children. The more we affirm goodness, the more the child feels good about themselves.  Affirmation and encouragement give the child the impetus and strength to continue to use their talents and behave well.  The end result is a well rounded, strong and capable human being.

However, for some reason we forget to do this when we deal with adults.  We think that adults are grown up so no longer need affirmation, but this isn’t necessarily so.  Even though the body may be that of an adult, the human soul has had it’s own journey to travel.  All our journeys are different.  All include setbacks, obstacles, wins and failures.   We need to keep this in mind and always be able to provide help and guidance to each other ALL along the way.

So be mindful of what vision you have on others by remembering that we all influence and affect each other with the energy we generate and put out into the world.


Are there any other morals/lessons you’ve picked up from the story about the Swans and Storks?  If so, please share 🙂

Take care.  Much love,

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the swans and storks – part II

swans and storks part II

Dearest soulsister,

Part II of our story continues………the Swans were losing their kingdom, and then a curious thing happened…..

One day, one of the Swans, just an ordinary Swan told some of the other Swans of some very beautiful dreams. As she spoke the other Swans became completely mesmerized. It was as if they almost went into the dreams with her. Every day they would wait with eagerness to hear about the Swan’s dreams and every day they were taken on a beautiful, magical journey. The dreamer Swan talked about their Kingdom and told the other Swans exactly why the Kingdom was confused and how it had become like that. She told them about how the Kingdom used to be, a long, long time ago, before they could remember. It was SO beautiful. And they understood. They wanted THAT Kingdom again. She went on to tell the Swans how they could get their Kingdom back.   There was a gasp! Really? They were all ears.

“Yes”, she said. She told them their Kingdom had become confused because the Swans had become confused. They all looked at each other with puzzled faces. “Huh?” She smiled. “Yes! You know all of the Storks?”   Again, they looked at each other with puzzled faces. “Well, the Storks used to be Swans!” The poor Swans gasped again and their eyes grew as big as saucers. One of them said, “What do you mean all the Storks used to be Swans? How can that be possible?” “Well”, said the dreamer Swan, “we see it happening today, don’t we?  Some of the Swans think the Storks are funny and entertaining and they like spending time with them……we watch them. Gradually, they turn into Storks. This is how the population of the Storks has grown, and how we lost our beautiful Kingdom.”

“Oohhh” said the Swans, half recognising the reality of this. “What are we going to do?” cried one of the Swans. “Don’t worry” the dreamer Swan said. “We just need to change the Storks back into Swans.” “Oh really!” huffed one of the Swans. “How might we do that then?” “Well, said the dreamer Swan, we have to coax them. Many of them think they are so big and tough and great and wonderful, but actually that is all just a cover up. In actual fact they are the complete opposite!” She told them, that the thing was, that all the Swans had fallen for this “lie” and what they needed to do from now on was to see the ‘truth’ of the matter. “Oohhh” they said, and they were all ears.

The dreamer Swan began to tell them that they needed to remember, it didn’t matter how the Storks acted, it wasn’t really how they were. It was just all an act. Whenever the Swans saw the Storks they needed to see them as Swans instead, because in actual fact this is what they really are. “We need to see them as Swans and we need to speak to them and act as if they are Swans. It may be hard at first, but if we keep going it will get easier. If we remain strong, we will influence the Storks into becoming like us, instead of us being influenced to become like them!”

“Oohh”, agreed the other Swans, nodding to each other. Yes, of course, that would work. “But how are we going to be able to keep this up?” asked one of the Swans. “Sounds like awful hard work. How are we going to be able to maintain our strength to do this?” “Well”, the dreamer Swan smiled “Now comes the exciting part!”

All the Swans sat up to attention. All eyes were on the dreamer Swan.

“In my dreams, after I had seen our beautiful Kingdom and learned about how we had lost it, one day this beautiful orb of light emerged right in front of me.” The dreamer Swan was beaming. “It was so nice……soft, warm, full of loving energy, and it completely wrapped itself around me.” “How did it do that?” demanded one of the Swans. “I don’t know, it just did.” the dreamer Swan replied. “I was filled with this light. I felt so light and warm and full of love…..and I felt soooo happy. It was incredible.” “I’ve felt that!” said one of the Swans. “So have I.” “Me too.” “And me!” Many swans, one by one, spoke up and said they had experienced this as well. Maybe not in exactly the same way as the other, but many were revealing that they too had had similar experiences – they had just never had the courage to say anything before now.  They thought that everyone would think they had gone loopy.

But the curious thing was, that even those who hadn’t personally experienced such happenings, understood them. They all sat quietly in anticipation.

The dreamer Swan went on to explain to the gathering that this ‘orb of light’, this ‘energy’, or ‘entity’ had “spoken” to her. “Not in the way that we speak” she said, “The words were spoken in silence. There was no sound, but I understood. I knew what was being said.” All of the Swans nodded silently in knowing agreement. She went on. “The Light told me that whenever we needed to fill ourselves with energy, the Light would be here to do that. All we need to do is just come to the Light with our thoughts and we would be replenished, refilled with energy, and could go on. The Light told me that it was time for the Light to come to do this work and it needed the Swans to help it. The time has come to create our beautiful Kingdom again!”

“Aaahhhmmm” the Swans sighed softly and they all beamed with happiness. Hearing this made them feel all warm and gooey. At last, their Kingdom could be reclaimed and it would be a place of love and light and happiness again. Their Kingdom that they had all dreamed about and heard stories about really DID exist. It had just been lost because the Swans had lost themselves.  They had become tired after living for so long and they had forgotten who they were. They had given their power away to others they thought were greater than them.  But now the time had come for them to reclaim their own greatness and build a world of greatness.

The Swans had been given hope again.  But not just hope, they now had a reason, a purpose.  It had been made clear to them what had happened, what was happening now, and what was to happen in the future.  And the Light was really here….AND it was going to help them.

The End.

Tomorrow………..what are the morals of this story?

With much love,

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the swans and the storks – a story

Swans & Storks Story

Dear soulsister,

Today I am going to tell you a story……

Once upon a time there was a kingdom that was full of swans and storks. This was a very confused kingdom. The swans and the storks were so different. Not only did they look different, but they spoke differently, they acted differently and their belief systems, which means their thinking, was different.

They had both been around for a very long time, yet the storks believed that the Kingdom belonged to them. Therefore, they believed it was a place for them to do as they pleased. Everything existed for their use and they could use anything at any time in any way they chose. They didn’t care if they ate all the fish, they didn’t care if they made enemies, they didn’t care if there were others in need, they didn’t care if whatever they did and however they did it made themselves sick! You would have thought they would care about THAT, but they didn’t. They just didn’t care about anything except getting what they wanted, when they wanted, and in anyway they could.

On the other hand, the Swans cared about EVERYTHING. And because of this they thought very deeply about what they thought, said and did. The Swans understood that their thoughts, words and actions impacted the world around them. They knew they affected the natural world, others and even their own bodies and souls. Therefore, they were very careful about what they did because they knew if they affected the natural world, others and their own bodies these things would actually affect them…..sooner or later. They understood ‘the secret’.

The Storks would strut around the kingdom eating and drinking all kinds of horrible things, yuk! They would talk, and even yell in big loud voices. They would be mean to each other and to the Swans whenever they got a chance. They would call each other names, make fun of others, put them down, get angry and even hit them, a n d even beat them! Sometimes, they would even do worse. And they thought that all of these things were very grand and even normal! They were big and tough and they made sure that everyone knew it. Some of them weren’t big and tough but they pretended they were otherwise they would be made fools of, and they didn’t want that.

The Swans on the other hand were gentle creatures. They were careful about what they ate and drank and only consumed the healthiest and cleanest foods they could find. They treated others with respect and were elegant and royal in their interactions. They were kind and loving and cared about everyone and everything. They made sure that everyone and everything were always ok. If they weren’t they set to work to make it ok.

Just as there were varying qualities of Storks, there were also varying qualities of Swans. Some Swans were extremely noble, and some ……well not so. You could even say they were almost Storks, but not quite. You see, some Swans kind of liked the company of Storks. They found them amusing and entertaining. They were impressed by them – “Oh, but they are so funny”, “They’re not THAT bad – they’re OK”, “Well, we’re all different”, they would say to the other Swans who cautioned them. The more noble Swans knew that the company a Swan kept (or a Stork kept for that matter) coloured them, and they tried to caution the ones who were ignorant of this. You see, they knew ‘the secret’!

But alas, some of the Swans just wouldn’t listen. They thought they knew best and they would spend more and more time with the Storks. Those Swans began to change. Every day they would become more and more like Storks. And then one day…..it happened! You couldn’t tell the difference. The Swan population dwindled. It became smaller and smaller and the Swans became really afraid. They were losing their Kingdom. They were losing everything that was dear to them.

But then a curious thing happened.

2nd part continuing tomorrow….

Hope you are enjoying…..much love,

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living with purpose

take one step at a time

Editor’s Note : This article was written by the very beautiful Annemarie De Seriere – see link below.

Hi everyone,

Sometimes I receive emails from people expressing their envy (in a nice way) about us ‘living the dream’, as we have been on the road now for 3.5 years. They wonder how we manage our gypsy lifestyle and how I stay happy while living with chronic pain. Let me first say that happiness takes practice – chronic pain has a way of taking prisoners and if I allow myself to be enslaved by it, I become miserable and life gets complicated. Practicing self discipline, keeping a positive mind and having a clear focus are just 3 essential ingredients that help me manage pain and maintain a happy balance … As for living the dream – yes we certainly love it but it does take effort, tolerance, lots of planning and preparing while remaining open to change. The ‘winds’ of life can suddenly turn a different direction and stress can take over instantly, if unprepared. The paradox between freedom and discipline is therefore worthy of respect, while understanding and appreciating the law of change.

The Law of Change states that nothing must and will remain the same! Having a purpose helps me deal with pain and continual adjustments in life! And yes we travel but we are not ‘rich’ as some assume. Like everyone else, we need to earn an income to sustain ourselves and to enable us to offer free community outreach programs along the way. We keep our lifestyle simple, economical and without any trimmings, in order to live our dream. Therefore planning and preparing (while remaining flexible) is essential. Having a clear visual in my mind is helpful (to have a dream is important), but I must work for it to make it real, it’s not just going to drop in my lap. To attract success in any outcome, I must be prepared to move towards it – to continually step out of my comfort zone and stretch my self-imposed boundaries. Action-taking becomes a magnet, a discipline we must afford ourselves if we want to LIVE any dream!

What gets me up each morning are my dreams and goals, and one of them is freedom! Freedom from the dictates of others, freedom from the pull of this materialistic world, freedom from pain, sorrow and any obstacles in my own mind… Keeping this aim and objective helps me create my own success (happiness) – I never give up on my dreams, no matter how outrageous they appear to others. If we have nothing to aim for – no dreams to chase – we wander aimlessly through life … A child without a dream is an adult without purpose – we may lose nothing but we certainly don’t gain anything either. You know, it takes courage to dream, to set goals, to think outside the box and to accept our mistakes. The only time we fail is if we don’t have a go! Learning from mistakes builds resilience, bringing with it clarity and determination to get up and to keep going.

We all need meaning in our life – a reason why we do what we do – it keeps us interested. Living on the road is no different, it requires effort and a clear purpose, otherwise the dream becomes boring and we go back to our comfort zone and back to wondering what life is all about. For example, we meet many people on the road – some love what they do because they have a clear reason for doing it, and their joy is obvious. Others find it all rather tedious yet are compelled to keep going. Moving between one comfort zone to another, without purpose or appreciation, they continue to wonder why they are still unhappy … A gypsy life is not for everyone, it’s pointless to do something you don’t enjoy, so don’t live someone else’s dream, live your own!

To fulfill a dream, I must keep this aim firmly in front of me and I must take daily steps towards it, while simultaneously letting go of the outcome. Knowing I am DOing all I can to move towards it, I trust what will be will be! If it is meant to be, I will ‘pull’ this dream towards me through my deliberate actions. If not, I trust that something else more aligned with my inner truth and learning will surface and become apparent to me… Goals start with a dream and end with letting go of the destination (without losing sight of it), in order to enjoy the journey at hand … Trusting that everything happens for a reason and that every situation has benefit, I understand and accept that happiness is within me and comes with me wherever I go :)

Question: Do I live my life with purpose, while embracing and accepting change?

Consideration: If not? Why not? Why do I struggle staying on track?….

Activity: Set one small short-term goal for the month ahead (starting small makes it achievable and gives us courage to have a go). Be clear on what you are aiming for, keep it realistic and doable. Set time frame to succeed in 30 days (it’s important to set a date to give urgency to your goal, or you will procrastinate). Then DO something practical (take action) EACH SINGLE day towards making this happen, this gives your goal momentum (even 1 phone call or 10 minutes of research is a step). Don’t think ‘it’s too hard’ or ‘I can’t’, just DO it! Don’t let mistakes put you off, learn from it, shake it off and simply keep going!

Love Annemarie

Hope you enjoyed 🙂  This post was originally published in July 2014 on Annemarie’s blog Will to Wonder.  Annemarie is a mother, a life partner; a writer and self publisher; a meditation practitioner; and the founder of Resoulutions 4 Life, you can visit her at her blog by clicking willtowonder.com and at resoulutions4life.com.au

much love,

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do you know who you are?

“She turned to the sunlight    And shook

Dear soulsister,

“Who are you!?” asked the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.

Do you know who you are? Do any of us know who we are? I don’t think so…..not totally anyway. Some of us definitely don’t know who we are at all. Some of us know a little. And some of us more. But there are very very few who know totally who they are.

Most of us are like Alice who found herself in Wonderland. An impossible land of confusion, inability, untruths, fear, tyranny, madness and pain.   For those who lived in Wonderland there was no way out. It was just how things were. Alice visited for a while but it wasn’t her world. Her world was a world where she could make sense of things. Thankfully, (within two hours – the duration of the movie, a much shorter time for her than for most of us!) Alice finally found a way out. She woke up!

I started meditating and studying spirituality thirty years ago. When I first started my youngest sister was the only one who had any interest in what I was doing. Every one else thought I had either gone crazy, it was a fad or I had gotten caught up in some cult. But she didn’t. She was intrigued. Over the years I have given her the odd book or meditation CD. She has asked questions and travelled on her own journey of self-discovery.   A couple of Christmas’ ago I gave her a pack of DVDs of interesting interviews. I think it must have taken her about a year or more to even start watching them.

She was telling me the other day that she was onto the 6th one and she was finally beginning to understand and see what she was here (in this world) for. She was finally – since she was eleven, she told me – beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and feel that she actually had a purpose here. She always knew there was a reason why she was here, but she just couldn’t find it. She was like Alice. After having fallen down the ‘rabbit hole’, wandering around from pillar to post, being told this and being told that, she felt she was at last waking up.

Sometimes waking up takes a long time and sometimes it happens in a flash. I have heard of some people getting to the point where they have totally had enough of feeling lost and confused, and they demand, threaten or in some way very clearly spell out to God that that’s it, they will not take a moment more of it!  And miraculously something happens – an opportunity opens up, someone says something, they read a book or see a movie, whatever it is, it shows them the way out of the ‘dark’ and their life changes for the better.

Truth is important to us. It’s where we feel most happy. When I was trying to find a name for my magazine (which I’m hoping to get the first issue out in June) I wanted a byline to describe a little more about what the magazine would be about. I knew it would be about women and spirituality, but I wanted women, when they read the name and the title to pretty well understand that soulsisterwisdom could be a resource to help them practically integrate spirituality into their lives. I settled on “feel your Soul. live in Truth. shine your Light.”

For me, it’s firstly about ‘feeling’ my Soul – not just knowing it, but being able to FEEL who I am. Then comes the practise of living in Truth, which comprises the truth of knowing and feeling who I am and living in the truth of basic spiritual laws. When I can do both of these things simultaneously, then my Light shines.

So, soulsister…..may you feel your Soul, live in Truth, and shine your Light. May you be like Alice and fully awaken from your dream (or perhaps nightmare!) in Wonderland.

Welcome to Real Land.

With lots of love,

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negativity is learned

don't let anyonedull your

Dearest soulsister,

Today, as I was on my way to the airport, just before 6am, a couple of young boys got on the bus.  I didn’t take much notice of them, only to notice that one of them offered to help one of two asian girls who was having trouble getting her bag into the luggage holder, and the thought passed through my mind how courteous and well mannered he was to have offered to help.

A little further into the journey I became aware of a couple of what sounded like ‘older’ girls behind me being a bit ‘loud’.  The bus stopped and the two young boys alighted.  Just before the young blonde boy got off, he glanced back towards these older-sounding girls, and I noticed the look on his face.  It was a look of confusion mixed with a dash of disbelief and betrayal – like he was looking back to try to believe what he was experiencing.  I don’t know what had happened, as I hadn’t been paying any attention, but obviously these girls had done and/or said something to upset him. He alighted and as we drove on, for the next five or so minutes they were cackling away very amused by what they had done or said.

It was becoming quite irritating to me and I began to contemplate on how mean human beings can be to each other sometimes.   From what I saw on that boy’s face as he got off the bus, I knew that mistrust in other human beings had been stamped, perhaps deeper, into his heart and memory.  He got off the bus feeling humiliated and that there was something wrong with him.  I hoped that he would quickly recover and somehow self-confidence and self-respect would replace the negativity that had just been bestowed on him.  Perhaps he and his friend would make a few comments or talk about it a bit as they walked on and he would come to the conclusion that the girls were, ignorant and deluded shall we say – which is just how they sounded to me, and he would begin to feel that he was actually ok after all.

I felt the need to draw my attention into myself for a bit to face the feelings of irritation I was having, give these feelings love, and watch as they dissipated and I returned to truth, calm and centredness again.  As I was doing this I reflected on how we learn to think and feel negatively about ourselves and how this becomes so entrenched in our psyche that it feels like the norm.  And I reflected on how important it is for us to keep reminding ourselves of our greatness and our beauty, our uniqueness and our qualities, talents and strengths.  We need to do this regularly, many times every day, so that any false beliefs cannot take hold or are loosened so that they can easily be removed.

I hope you give this a go.  Little by little, we will conquer the ‘darkness’ and there will only be light.  And we shall shine.  Everything shall shine!

Much love to you always,

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learnings and inspirations from the movie ‘Wild’

I love cookies

Dear soulsister,

Every so often something moves you. This happened to me when I went to see the movie Wild. I don’t very often see a movie, mainly because I’m very selective about what I choose to let into myself.

But this movie caught my attention. Firstly because it tells the true story of a woman’s journey of release and healing after a divorce, a death and some fairly heavy-duty reckless and destructive behaviour. Secondly, because she chose to do this by hiking more than a thousand miles in the wilderness, alone (very courageous and no doubt, very beautiful and transforming). And thirdly, because Reese Witherspoon, who I love, not only acted in the movie but produced it as well, which I felt warranted my sisterly support.

I’m interested in how women go on these types of deeply transformative journeys and today I thought I would share a few of the lessons and inspirations I took from the story.

  1. Silence and alone-time, especially in nature, can play an important role in helping us to get to know ourselves. Away from the distractions of everyday living we have the ‘space’ to be able to see, hear and feel what is really going on inside and address it
  1. Challenging ourselves to do something can bring about huge transformation, especially if it’s something totally out of our usual realm of experience. We have to ‘fend for ourselves’. We have to work out ways to do things we wouldn’t normally do. We have to adapt or create a different routine to get us through. We have to find ways to make ourselves feel comfortable and easy. In this, we get to use and learn new skills and talents and stretch ourselves.
  1. Courage, determination and willpower are all needed if we want to change. There will be times when it just feels too hard, or it’s too painful, but I HAVE to keep going. If I don’t, I may never get to where I really want to be.
  1. Honesty, being true to who I really am, conquers everything. I win the game of life then, and I win the respect and love of friends along the way
  1. Always be grateful, compassionate and well-mannered.
  1. Naturalness is such a healer. Whether it be the naturalness of nature, or the naturalness of an interaction with an animal or another human being. When its true and honest and pure, its perfection right there.
  1. Alone-time is good, but so is time spent with others. Its good for me to keep a balance.

So, soulsister. If you’re inspired, take a trip into the wilderness one day soon. Breathe in deeply and let the energy of the elements shift you, move you and shape you. Get back to nature, get back to yourself, and thrive!

Much love always,

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facing and conquering weaknesses

Crimson Batik

Dear soulsister,

Ah, the wonderful world of self-change. The world where it is imperative to face our weaknesses and get the better of them – conquer them, tame them, destroy them, be the master over them….

A few weeks ago I came across a methodology I really liked.

In the past, when any of my weaknesses came up – say for instance I felt angry or panicked, I would suppress it, ignore it, scold it or in some other way violate it. I’d get angry that I was angry or scared – how weird is that? It had never occurred to me to welcome it and love it. Accept it. Befriend it. To me weaknesses were always something I didn’t want and I certainly didn’t want anyone else seeing that I had them! No. They would be chased away or hidden as soon as possible. Often this didn’t work! Or, I was too late!

So, I learnt this new method of welcoming, acknowledging, accepting and loving my weaknesses. I came to understand that my weaknesses are just the good parts of me all screwed up. All twisted and dirty and sad, lonely and very very unhappy, and in need of understanding, compassion and love.

And I’ve been practising. Whenever I feel something negative arising in me I face it face on. I walk right up to it…..sometimes it can be hiding a bit, but when I coax it out I treat it gently, say hi and give it a sweet hug. I tell it I love it and I’m sorry that it’s in so much pain and I know all it really wants is for me to acknowledge that and give it love. I give it love – lots of love.   And you know what? It goes away. It just dissolves. I don’t have to go through those awful feelings of suppressing, ignoring, being bossy, hiding and shame…..adding to the problem.

They may not go forever, but then again they may. It depends on how deep and strong the weakness is. But I know that the next time they appear there will be a little less of them. Because of the love I gave, they have softened and lightened up. We have become friends, no longer enemies. They are teaching me to relax and be easy, to be patient and compassionate…..and to have FUN on the journey of self-change. That can’t be bad!

If you are on this journey, give it a go, or share what works for you when you’re confronted by your weaknesses.

Tomorrow I’ll share some inspirations I took from a movie that I watched a little while ago.

Until then, take care.

much love always,

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The beauty and greatness of simplicity

Green Sage

Dearest soulsister,

Have you ever spent time looking at a flower or a tree or an animal? Or a river or the sky? Have you noticed that none of them flaunt themselves, saying “look at me!” “look what I’m wearing” or “look at what I’m doing”. They just are. And simply in that ‘being’ is their beauty and greatness. They fully reveal who and what they are and they offer this, freely and unconditionally.

Simplicity is without the clutter of all the different egos or masks that the human soul entertains. It is true self-respect. It is knowing who you are and what your part is in the play of life and then being and doing it. When you know who you are and what your purpose is there is no need to pretend or try to be anything else. You just are. And like the flower and the tree and the sky, your beauty and greatness lay here, in just being who and what you are.

So in your musings, writings, meditations or prayers today, and as you go about your business, reflect on the virtue of simplicity and how you can bring more of this into yourself and your life. How can you practice just being the real you? The you that is deep inside under all of the clutter.  Enjoy!

Tomorrow we will talk about facing and ‘conquering’ weaknesses.

Until then, love always,