issue #9 ‘peace’ is out now!


Dear soulsisters,

Issue #9 of soulsisterwisdom magazine is ready for download now.

There is a story about a princess who had her whole kingdom turned upside down because she couldn’t find her necklace.  All the while it was around her neck.

Our search for peace is like this.  Can peace be found in the forests or the mountains?  Can it be found in solitude?Seekers will find that peace can only be found within.

In this issue read about …..

  • A method Sophia Quzi uses to find peace which involves a daisy
  • How to practise Mindfulness and what drove Suma Pillai to learn this practise
  • Thoughts about peace from Gayatri Naraine, a representative of the United Nations in New York
  • Why Marneta Viegas founded a business to help children relax

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