issue #7 ‘Happiness’ is out now!

Issue 7 Cover

Hi everyone,

Issue #7 ‘Happiness’ is available for you to download now.

There is much not to feel happy about this week, or any week really these days, as our world continues on its bumpy, tumultuous journey to becoming the world many of us are working so hard for.  This week there was another terrorist attack in Paris.  Frightening and very, very sad.  All our love and good wishes go out to everyone affected.

Perhaps here, I could introduce you to Eyoälha Baker.  Her story is one of ‘a phoenix rising out of the ashes’.  As we were all greatly affected by the events of 9/11, so was Eyoälha.  She became aware of how repeats of images of the attack and the resulting sorrow of that day affected her emotionally and she became inspired to embark on a project that is all about exposing images of happiness to the world.  Her story is on Page 8.

Ginger Spark made it her mission to find how she could be happy once again after becoming very ill and feeling deeply dissatisfied with her life.  Her story is on page 25.  Ginger is needing to get some feedback about one of her online courses and is offering it for FREE to soulsisterwisdom readers.

And Sophia Quzi’s ‘Finding Happiness in Ordinary Moments’ on page 30 is a reminder to us all – with some lovely sharings of her own experience.

And of course, there is so much more……Take care, be safe and Enjoy!

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issue #6 – ‘Empowerment’ is out now!

Dear soulsisters,

Another issue is out now – the theme is ‘Empowerment’

You will love this issue. Beautiful artworks by Sandi Fitzgerald and Joyce van der lely, and wonderfully inspirational and uplifting articles throughout by some of our regular contributors and some new guests.

Kamalamani shares her thoughts on the choice to be childless;

Claire Mingus shares helpful hints about conserving our Qi; and

Sophia Quzi shares 4 mantras that helped her to become more empowered in her life.

Come see, and enjoy!

much love,
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issue #5 – ‘Freedom’ is out now!

Dear soulsisters,

Issue #5 of soulsisterwisdom magazine is out now!

33 pages filled with beauty, inspiration and soul….. articles include :

‘I am the MASTER of my fate, I am the CAPTAIN of my soul…..Nelson Mandela’s Mojo
‘The many ways I sabotage my own freedom’
‘The Power to Face – the harbinger to real freedom’

Beautiful artworks by Heather Lippincott-Faust and Paula Jones.

Come see, and enjoy!

much love,

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issue #4 ‘Changing the World’ is out now!

Dear soulsisters,

Merry Christmas! Issue 4 ‘Changing the World’ is available now.

As well as enjoying the happiness of Christmas, I hope you also find time to reflect, consider, reassess and make a plan for positive change going into another wonderful year. In this issue you will find helpful topics such as changing habits, self-transformation, the importance of kindness and helping others, how we can change the world in ‘ordinary’ ways and following our hearts.

Have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas and we’ll meet again in 2016.

much love always,
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issue #3 – ‘Spirituality’ is out now!

Dear soulsisters,

Issue #3 is out now….. filled with lots of goodies including,

  • interview with film maker and author Christina Stevens about her beautiful book ‘Love – the saint and the seeker’ which tells of her journey after being ‘visited’ by Mother Teresa as she slept one night and being told “I will let you film me, but you must come soon”.  In the light of day Mother Teresa said ‘No’ to Christina three times before actually allowing her to film her.  Christina’s story is a story of extraordinary courage, faith, and above all love.
  • link to a free 7 lesson course in creative journaling complete with video demos
  • a workbook, meditation and ‘spirituality’ wallpaper for your computer
  • and lots of inspiring, uplifting and empowering stories from our contributors

Take a peek inside here

much love,

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first issue of soulsisterwisdom magazine out now!

Dear soulsister,

Yay! At last the day has come……the first edition of soulsisterwisdom is out! I love it and I think you will also. It’s beautiful – filled with lots of articles and art from the heart. Nothing better to uplift and strengthen the soul.


Let me know what you think at

much love,

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women's spirituality magazine


seeking contributors for magazine

Dear soulsisters,

Well, the time has come to put together the first issue of soulsisterwisdom – if you feel contributing is something you’d like to do, you feel you would be good fit for this magazine, please contact me at and I’ll send you all the necessary info.

The theme for this issue is Wisdom.

So………… calling all writers, artists, poets, musos etc who want to inspire, enrich and elevate the minds, hearts and lives of fellow sisters with positive, uplifting and empowering stuff!!!

Let me know!

Am posting this happy happy song for you today – its title is Happy by Pharrell Williams  You’ll love it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

much love and light,

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